LA17 Mitsubishi ML MN MQ Triton GLX GLS GLX-R after 2005 Air Bag Load Assist Kit

LA17 Mitsubishi ML MN MQ Triton GLX GLS GLX-R after 2005 Air Bag Load Assist Kit
LA17 Mitsubishi ML MN MQ Triton GLX GLS GLX-R after 2005 Air Bag Load Assist Kit
LA17 Mitsubishi ML MN MQ Triton GLX GLS GLX-R after 2005 Air Bag Load Assist Kit
LA17 Mitsubishi ML MN MQ Triton GLX GLS GLX-R after 2005 Air Bag Load Assist Kit
LA17 Mitsubishi ML MN MQ Triton GLX GLS GLX-R after 2005 Air Bag Load Assist Kit
LA17 Mitsubishi ML MN MQ Triton GLX GLS GLX-R after 2005 Air Bag Load Assist Kit
LA17 Mitsubishi ML MN MQ Triton GLX GLS GLX-R after 2005 Air Bag Load Assist Kit
LA17 Mitsubishi ML MN MQ Triton GLX GLS GLX-R after 2005 Air Bag Load Assist Kit
LA17 Mitsubishi ML MN MQ Triton GLX GLS GLX-R after 2005 Air Bag Load Assist Kit
LA17 Mitsubishi ML MN MQ Triton GLX GLS GLX-R after 2005 Air Bag Load Assist Kit

LA17 Mitsubishi ML MN MQ Triton GLX GLS GLX-R after 2005 Air Bag Load Assist Kit
This is a brand new BOSS air bag load assist kit to suit the rear of. Mitsubishi ML MN MQ - all models after 2005. If you carry a heavy loads at all you should consider heavier springs of some sort. But the problem with heavier springs is that when you don't have a load they are rock hard and not only does it feel terrible but the car handles poorly. If your load varies you need soft suspension when you don't carry a load and heavy suspension when you do have a load.

Cant manage that with heavier leaf springs. The only real way to achieve this is with air bags just like those in trucks and buses.

With a BOSS Air Bag Load Assist kit you can run them deflated when you are running light weight without a load and basically they aren't there. Then just pump them up when you load up. The heavier the load the more air you can apply. Ealistically you only need 20 to 40 psi for normal heavy loads and maybe 80 psi with extreme loads but the bags are tested to 400 psi and 50 tonnes of compress pressure per bag in manufacture.

You could say the bags are over engineered and capable of exceeding your load carrying expectations by a long way. We can also do tanks for tyres or digital displays. Lets quickly kick a few goals.. You can run these flat and they will be ok.

Normal operating pressures are just like your tyres - 25 psi to 50 psi for normal descent loads. The rubber in our BOSS bags is heavier than the rubber in your tyres. They never get damaged by stones or sticks. You can carry what ever load you want at what ever height you want, even if the car is normally lowered.

Load up more weight on the tow ball by shifting trailer weights forward and have a safer ride. Individual components like a bag are all replaceable.

No drilling welding or cutting - a normal socket set is all you need. We are Australian and now have over 25,000 customers all over Aus. We do virtually every Ute, 4WD or Van and pride ourselves in not copying others. We speak with roo shooters, caravaners, tradies, farmers and alike all over Aus all day everyday. We also look after workshops and resellers.

We are here to help. What lots of customers do is take a leaf or 2 out of their rear leaf pack.

This softens up the ride to softer than standard. Then run a few pounds to suit your liking in the bags. Now you are running on air, even without a load. But you will find when you are unloaded that by running a few pounds in the bags just takes away the body roll and people love that. So there's another reason to by these bags. Air Bags x 2 (1 for each side). Air Fittings for air lines. Easy to follow instructions with pics. The steel brackets are laser cut, mig welded and powder coated black with the appropriate preparations for best adhesion and anti corrosion.

We are phasing out the electroplating. Powder coating looks better, lasts longer and the process is better for the environment.

The kit exceeds Australian Design Rule (ADR) standards. Here's how easy they are to fit - anyone can do this.. Bolt up air bag to top and bottom mounts. Jack up and support weight of car's chassis (You can leave wheels on the ground). Remove Bump Stop from Chassis and bolt top mount to Bump Stop Bracket.

Loosen "U" bolts clamping rear leaf pack to rear axle. Slide bottom mount under "U" bolt then tighten "U" Bolts.

Attach air fitting to bag plate and run air lines to somewhere handy. That's all there is to it. Essentially you can lift the rear of the vehicle with air bags to level when otherwise sagging in the rear. You can avoid your headlights blinding oncoming drivers when your rear end sags. Shocks, tyres and leaf springs will last longer too. If you are towing you can now shift more weight forward on the trailer or in the caravan and that makes for a much safer and steady ride. RACV, RACQ, NRMA, AAMI for example are all happy with our bag options.

Any old air compressor will pump these up. Could be at a servo, a workshop compressor or a 12V cig lighter compressor.

But it's really cool to mount a compressor and air tank on board so you can adjust your air bags with the flick of a switch. See below for in cab options.

Note the in cab kits below are traditionally for 2 x bags but for a little extra we can work out a great price to do all 4 bags if you get bags for the front as well. We have 3 In Car Kits to choose from...

PX01 In Cab is our newest and now most popular. PX02 is same as PX01 but with our larger PX02 compressor.. Our PX07 In Cab Kit is the most comprehensive with our big PX07 compressor and tank also great for pumping tyres, running air horns and tools..

And with each of these kits we can upgrade to fully electronic with LED digital display and electric valves and apart from looking really great also eliminates the need for running air lines inside the car.. With this upgrade we take out the twin needle gauge and the 2 manual dump valves and replace them with the following.. 1 x LED Digital Gauge - twin read out.

2 x air down electric solenoids with 1/4 T-piece. 2 x push button switches to activate the solenoids. 2 x sender units with 1/4 T-piece.

All of our gear may be picked up from our official BOSS development center in Labrador on the Gold Coast or we can send anywhere in Aus (or with express options) or Worldwide at affordable rates. Almost every air bag application we do is bolt in.

No welding or cutting or drilling. We make that a mandatory requirement when we develop a new kit. And we will make sure we do better. We wont be beaten on price, quality or service. Happy customers is our key to success.

People often ask why or how are we so much cheaper than Firestone. So our costs are way down and if we charged Firestone prices we would be ripping you off. Our bags are not permanently attached to the mounting brackets.

That means you can replace a bag if you have to without the costly new brackets as well. No need for qualified installers, anyone can fit our gear, its easy and there's no crazy ideas of how long 5 years is.

The way we see it, if you are happy you will tell your friends and our next customer could be one of your mates. So even in 15 years we are still going to look after you.

It's how we roll. I sell brackets and bags individually to people who change cars or need spares. Consider this - there are over 15,000 BOSS kits out there in Australia alone.

That's 30,000 air bags. I sell replacement bags at a rate of about 4 bags per month. That tells us the bags are lasting a very long time and just not wearing out. Of course they can and they save heaps. Sometimes they just need new top brackets.

We talk with farmers, tradies and travelers every day about their load carrying and air system needs and we take pride in making our mark on Australia. We have been doing air suspension for over 15 years and have over 20,000 Aussie customers out there running BOSS air suspension products. Over the years we make improvements where we can and so by now we have become a market leader recognised for having the best product at the best prices.

BOSS also have a development center in Canada looking after our Canadian and American interests. We have a lot of exciting vehicle applications in the USA that eventually filter through to Australia and other parts of the world and so we have a very extensive range which includes all the American pick ups as well as the old classic cars like Chev and Buick. At BOSS we dont copy others - To begin with we dont trust the others to get it right. But more importantly the others dont have anything to copy.

BOSS are the first to get hold of new vehicle models and get kits to market having tried and tested them, fully getting to understand the vehicle and the engineering required. As such BOSS have the widest range of applications for Australian and USA markets and we are onto all the new models even before they are released. Also other brands seem content with drilling chassis rails. Sure it means less kits fit more vehicles but no one wants to compromise their vehicle so we put in that extra bit of attention and the results are in the bag. BOSS have the most comprehensively wide range of accessories as well. All of our air compressors can be rebuilt and we stock those parts. We have tanks, pressure switches, water filters, braided lines, digital pressure gauges, everything for in car operation of your bags, the list goes on and on. BOSS air bags are manufactured in our BOSS factory with our own machines to our own exacting standards and specifications. We strongly believe it's the only way of maintaining strict control over the bags. Here are some interesting facts...

It takes over 20 minutes for each bag to go from the raw un-cured blended rubber to a cured air bag. 1 machine can only make 1 bag at a time. Its not just the thickness of the rubber that gives the bag its strength but also the angle of the reinforcing cords and design of the woven beads. The proprietary ballistic material used for the woven reinforcing on the airbag wall, along with the specific spacing and angle of the weave, is what gives our air bag its unique strength.

The bead ring ends of the bag are constructed of 4 Hi-tensile cords at each end, ensuring that the top and bottom hold their shape and cant be pulled away from the Aluminium clamping ring. The center of the air bag (the part of the bag with the most stress) is constructed using 9 strands of Hi-Tensile steel to form an indestructible center support. Our competitors's bags have less than half these strands.

The BOSS airbag machines are operated at over 400psi while the curing process is taking place with very high heat. There's an internal bladder pushing the airbag case into the mould ensuring consistency throughout the airbag wall. Each air bag machine has over 50 tons of clamping pressure on the mold during curing. Effectively these are desperately over engineered as there's no way you could ever exert over 50t and 400 psi on a bag in your vehicle. The factory tests selected bags to destruction within a controlled chamber to ensure continued bag quality and identify possible ways to constantly improve the design and technique. We have just recently released the exciting new EX-2 Bags. They have a 5 year leak free guarantee. Tooling was modified to provide for a heavier and wider rim width. BEWARE: Some other brands use crimped-on end caps.

Crimped or Banded air bags are prone to popping the end caps out at anything over 100psi and often simply pull the end caps out when the bag is fully extended. BOSS air bags are undeniably the strongest in the automotive industry and exceed any other air bag brands by nearly double. Ver 100 different air bag leaf and coil load assist kits.

BOSS does coil replacements kits. BOSS does full air suspension systems. BOSS does package deals with different in cab and compressor options. And of course, BOSS does air suspension for Harley Davidson bikes... So you see BOSS is 100% focussed and committed to delivering all the best gear. There is a selection of our other popular accessories and add ons. Like we said, no one else offers such a huge list of optional bits. The item "LA17 Mitsubishi ML MN MQ Triton GLX GLS GLX-R after 2005 Air Bag Load Assist Kit" is in sale since Monday, September 9, 2013. This item is in the category "Vehicle Parts & Accessories\Car & Truck Parts\Suspension, Steering\Other".

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LA17 Mitsubishi ML MN MQ Triton GLX GLS GLX-R after 2005 Air Bag Load Assist Kit